0 for 3 on minting, and now the wheel just spins

Ive made countless attempts to mint pieces on Rarible, the only result is no art on the site, and a bunch of money that has evaporated into thin air. Now when I try, im finally not getting the “sorry we couldnt deliver” msg… Now the wheel just spins and spins, waited an hour to get past step 2 in the process and it just froze there, the wheel spinning endlessly. Then on top of this, all attempts to reach support return nothing but silence. Is anyone home over there? kinda seems like you guys are alseep at the wheel here. Meanwhile a ton of people are struggling to get anything to work right.



having the same issues here.

Same. Upload just spins and spins. Exit out and retry only to have another gas fee! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Not sure - I’m also prettty new here - but could this be because of the ethereum update right now? (Ethereum Berlin Network Upgrade?)

Maybe. I’ve had $80 in reduction and still no upload. Rip-off!


I feel sorry for you :frowning: if this is actually because of the upgrade then there is a technical reason for this (rarible itself is not responsible in this case) - however a warning would be appropriate. Maybe someone from technical support can have a look into this?

Actually now there is a warning on top of the site: ‘Currently, some walltes are not working correctly due to an OpenEthereum bug’

If you guys are using a wallet, are you being sure to accept permissions from the wallet while doing this stuff? That kind of tripped me up a little at first. Although, I still haven’t gone through the process of minting one so… That was just for trying to get my profile to work. @_@.

I’m sure things will improve with time too!

You have to use a wallet and every time you accept permissions in your wallet while trying to mint something you get charged.

So next time, be patient and wait. Blockchain transactions are not instant.