#1 nft drop - crypto queen - digital blessings

Hi And Welcome Rarible Community. Here is my very first minted NFT on rarible.

I am Digital Pioneer, Artist and Designer specializing in Immersive Visionary Art, 3D Computer Animation, Fluid Dynamics and Sacred Geometry with experience in the hollywood film industry. Now preparing several future film series projects and NFT drops with famous director from the spirit molecule.

Be sure to say hello, subscribe, like, and even maybe be the first to own my first minted NFT, sure to be worth 111x More very soon :slight_smile:
Blessings to All

Humbled to be part of your community
Thank you, for allowing this experience and many greetings from Berlin.


Hello there. Welcome aboard. Your work is stunning. I wish you to come to better places for the future.


Hi and welcome among us @phizikl

Thank you for this interesting presentation.

Your NFT is beautiful :slight_smile:

I wish you the best here :four_leaf_clover:


Very nice, Good Luck :slight_smile:


Welcome among us ! Your NFT is remarkable. I follow you and hope to see more of your creations soon!

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