1155 created but didn't sign it

Hi people!

i created the 1155 multiple and once the system asked for sign confirmation, my pc accidentally shut down so i didn’t sign it. Is there a way to take it back and sign and confirm the 1155 multiple?

thank you

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Hi and welcome among us @EtherPasta

Check your “activity” section then tell us if anything appear. Was your wallet debited?

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Yes, my wallet was debited, i can see 2 transactions: 1 for received ETH succesfull and a second one Contract interaction -0 ETH Succesfull too.
Also i cannot modify the collection, i see it but with no profile image

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So wait several hours. Sometimes, the system must stabilize before the collection appears fully. Be patient and tell us more in 6/8 hours from now.

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ok i will wait, thank you so much!


I’m back to tell you nothing is changed since the contract was made (about 30hrs ago. Still no profile pic for 1155 multiple and no messages on activity :frowning: do you have any advise?

Thanks Andy

You may fill a ticket here explaining your problem.

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Thanks Sheratan ! see you

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