1st tiem buying

I do not see a FAQ on this. Hence decide to ask a few questions. At the bottom, there is a 2.5% service fee. Is this applied to all purchases? This includes the ETH gas?


At the point of bidding, whats the additional service fee shown? Is it to be added to the above?

No, it doesn’t include the eth fee, the service fee goes to Rarible. The seller also pay an eth fee. Which is $44 at the moment.

Thanks @nic333 . I had asked someone else. there should be a full faq on this, are th fees transparent and easily explained?

Feels like a user will get baited to bid and and if bid is not accepted, the gas and rarible platform fees will be deducted. Let me know if I am wrong.

Is there an FAQ on how the Rarible platform fee is calculated? Always 2.5 percent?

I have a follow on question - first time buyer here, meant to purchase now but placed a bid - does it say anywhere when the bidding period ends? Since I signed a contract before bidding does it mean if i win the NFT shows up in my linked wallet? Super green here so appreciate any help


I remember the bidding ends 1 week after the highest bid is submitted.

I do not have the link off hand, I remember reading about it.