5000 artists for the largest NFT in the world!

A very beautiful project that I hope will appeal to many artists here, the possibility of participating in an event that will certainly be talked about!

Here, do not hesitate to share your opinion and to share the info.

Tips: I did it with the Brave browser, on Chrome it didn’t work.

Good Luck :blush:


Hello @MJ.Warg

Great idea! What is the price for adding your art?


It’s completely free, the organization takes care of everything!


Ah ok, that’s awesome!


And the money raised during the sale will be shared equally among the 5,000 artists. Well indeed it won’t do much but the project is so exciting! :upside_down_face:


I agree, it’s awesome just to be a part of it. See if you can find where I’ve placed mine :+1:t2:


Finally something really interesting! This is so freakin cool! I just added mine woohoo! Wish I could get a copy of the final version!


Very cool @MJ.Warg I’m on Board. :passenger_ship: :+1:


Ah Ah ! first column in 21st place ! Not easy since I started with the lines !


Excellent! I shared the info on Twitter and Instagram too !


I’m also in. Hm, my picture was rotated 90 after uploading from iPhone, anyway.

I just uploaded one of my work !
Thats a great project !

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Haha well done! There’s some great work on there

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Haha nice - I also joined a few days ago. Join me (I’m pretty much in the middle) :wink: Or place it next to @JRH - I found yours :wink:

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Hi, after reading terms&conditions (only accessible after registering), this whole project is a big no-no for me :slight_smile:

The idea was good, the greed of the creator is too much for me :wink:

Be careful what you’re signing, buddies, you may get exploited.

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You mean because of the share 25% to the project managers, 75% to the creators?
I read that too but I’m absolutely okay with that. I mean after all its a hell lot of work to find 5000 people and the set up the infrastructure. What bothers me more is that there is a lot of advertisement logo “art” which leds to stupid products. And some of the pictures are distorted because people don’t upload work that is squared. But I really hope they will bring this rather technical issue under control.

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Nope absolutely not that point.

The thing that bother me is more the 3.5 paragraph where you grant a total royalty-free usage, resell, distribute, modify, display etc. of your art indefinitely :wink: = they will sell your images as they want and you won’t be paid a dime for it. Let me guess : the NFT will never be sold, but the 5000 images, yes :wink:

Be careful!



So I reached the creator of the site and had an exchange with him via e-mail.
He promised me to reconsider the terms and conditions 3.5 so as to stick only to the contibution in the collage promotional material.

I told him I’ll watch that evolution carefully.


I’m happy I’m not the only one who saw that. If the contract would state the art WILL NOT be used, sold, modified, or distributed outside the use of the perceived NFT, that might be a bit better.

Also in line 2.2 “You agree to refrain from any legal proceeds against the creator of this website.”

This is also a tough one. The creator could take all the money made from this NFT and there is nothing anyone could do about it. I’m not saying that will be the case but you’re trusting your art in the hands of someone you don’t know personally. It’s like taking an object that has potential value, giving it to a complete stranger in a place you’ve never been. Then tell them they can sell it at their own will and if there are any profits remember to give you your share. You have no physical contact with this person.


I noticed the point 2.2, but the 3.5 was worse.

Consider also that you can’t suppress your profile.

However, the owner promised me to make some improvements on his termes and conditions so let’s see where it goes…

With no changes in a week, I’ll conclude it’s a scam.