A charity plan in the mind of a teacher

I am an art teacher. When I first learned about NFT, I was attracted by its magic.
I want to introduce NFT to my students, introduce them to new things about the world
To this end, I bought books on these subjects, like my students’ introductions
So I came up with some ideas to teach my students to create beautiful pictures and use children’s imaginations to communicate with the future,these works will be raised for charity to help children in poor areas,i think it will be a meaningful thing!

For some reason, the people living around me couldn’t understand these things, so I wanted to bring these groundbreaking novelties around me
Let them experience the arts and cultures around the world,
If you are interested in this activity, you can send me your work, and I will regularly report the progress of the activity :slightly_smiling_face:
my address0x7b397dA5Bd525AAFC131107D47836304D65E446D


Hello @Rick,

you mean you teach school children about NFT?

Hey Rick i love the idea i am currently using nfts to help create funds for charities and non profits i would love to see if i can help

Just as an extracurricular activity, at the same time to help the local poor children, see if we can do something for them

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haha, I think it must be cool when kids can see the artwork created by friends all over the world :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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