A Few Ideas for upgrading the overall experience

It’s likely that instead of creating a new post every time I have an idea; I’ll just add to this one, and will send updated links to the Rarible discord, and $RARI ambassador telegram.

Allow creators to set referral rewards on tokens when creating a new NFT, or, if simpler, if/when they create a collection.

Strategic Partnerships : Without necessarily creating any legal red-tape involved with a “business partnership” there is very likely to be creators, and other webapps, etc. that would be eager to add rarible to their displayed “partners” and vice-versa. [ Recommending CryptoArtNet as an example ]
This could also apply to content creators on varying platforms, with reward incentives for content about/including rarible.

A series of artist/creator/collector interviews as a podcast, streams, or webisodes (or all 3)

Official Rarible collectibles; awarded to ambassadors/contributors for helping squash bugs, identify wash traders, etc. [could even offer $RARI / ETH bounties for arists to create the series]

Collection storefront customization (appearance, categories, etc.)


Creator Directory

Change Discord server to “community server” format, allowing other server owners to follow the announcement channel

Customization of the collection pages for external contracts owned by the user’s wallet address. [EG: my mintable contract appears as a seperate collection, but isn’t verified and I can’t change the profile image/header/etc.]

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These are great ideas BruceTheGoose.
I also appreciate and echo the community-centric sentiment you have running through all of these as opposed to simply brute expansion. Currently collabs rely on escrow or trusted methods for profit sharing and with the recent drama involving some “artists”, coupling this into the smart contract will alleviate the anxiety and free up creators to focus on doing just that…creating."

The official Rarible collectibles are a rad dimension as well.

Add to this, the ability to view artworks by aspect (square, landscape, portrait) which is also a key factor for some collectors as they wish to curate their collection in the real and//or virtual.

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Yes, Dark Mode please

@AlexSalnikov can we add a referrer and to parameter in the sell token function?

referrer – optional – used to allow dApps to create and sell tokens on behalf of their users. Hence, allowing dApps to integrate Rarible directly in their apps and they become the referrer.

to – mandatory – used to set the address that receives the sale of the token.
Instead of directly using msg.sender as the beneficiary of a sale, we’d use the to parameter instead. This would allow other creators to direct funds into another account. You can think of a use case such as, a manager handles the minting of NFT tokens and directs funds into the artist account (e.g contouredart acts as a manager for many artists but holds custodianship of artists sales)

I think these two parameters are great as it increases composability of the contracts and opens up tons of new opportunities.

As always, open to talk about things.


Another idea (which I think a ton of people would appreciate) for creators who deployed their own contracts prior to the royalties update, which doesn’t apply to said contracts, reimbursal for creating new contracts, or upgrade the contracts to the new parameters.

We need a glb file viewer for 3D art.