A few questions about burning my NFT

I want to burn my NFT and mint it again because I made a little mistake.
I know the NFT isn’t really destroyed but send to a 0x000… address, but I still have a few questions about the process:

  • Does the NFT also get removed from my profiles ‘created’ section?
  • Does the NFT also get removed from my collections ‘owned’ section?
  • Can I mint a new NFT with exactly the same name as the burned NFT?

Hi @HanneMaes, we’ve all done that :slight_smile:

So, no,no,yes

But you can now hide it from view so it doesn’t screw with your look


Thanks for the fast reply!
I only seem the be able to hide if from owned, can I also hide it from created?
When hiding an NFT if probably is only hidden here one rarible and not on other platforms like opensea for example?


You only need to hide it once and it will be hidden, full stop

If you are seeing it, it’s because you are logged in as creator so if you ever need to check anything do it in an incognito tab

I’ve looked at your collection and there isn’t anything there


Thanks for checking. But I did not hide I yet.
I want to have the full info before I do something irreversible.

I only found an ‘Hide from owned’ option. Will it then also he hidden from the collection?
Probably not because it could be weird if collectors could hide NFT’s in their collection if the collection is not owned by them?

So if I burn an NFT I created it only gets removes from my owned and not from created and not from the collection?

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For some reason I can’t find your profile any more, can you share a link please

From my own experience, that’s what happened; please know though that nothing happens instantly here - you have to give things time

Also, I saw that you created a collection but I didn’t see anything in that collection :man_shrugging:

I get English may not be your first language but this doesn’t make sense so I’ll try my best to answer: “if the collection is not owned by them” are you talking about a single item within a collection because no-one can hide something that doesn’t belong to them …
I see nothing weird about collectors hiding pieces that they own regardless of whether or not they created it :man_shrugging:

I don’t see where this is coming from if you say you haven’t burned it yet …
I had to burn some things early in my experience and they are no longer there so it suggests that, over time, burned items will disappear altogether


This is my profile: https://rarible.com/hannemaes?tab=onsale
And this is my collection: https://rarible.com/coolcatshandpainted (On sale is empty, but owned should contain all the NFT’s)

Before burning the NFT I wanted to have a bit for information about the process.
But I just burned Cool Cat #6994 Hand Painted, I hope it completely disappears so I can mint it again without having a duplicate NFT in my collection and my personal created section.

Thanks for all the info! I’ve leanred a lot trough this mistake.