A thread for general chat - no NFT links

I see this forum is 99% people shilling their NFT’s and I will admit thats why I came here too.
But we need more, so let this thread be about general chat.

To start off how is covid currently going in your country?
I am from south africa, we currently have pretty relaxed restrictions and pretty much anything other than very large gatherings is allowed. We are however banned to travel into most countries due to our unique local strain.


Good idea man ,
I often lose track of general chat in forms but glad to chime in .
Covid in Toronto Canada sucks right now . All of our province is in another lockdown .
Have not been able to work my typical gigs since March 2020 ,

Missed the ski season entirely (worst 1st world problem ever)

Thanks god for my mtn bike (also incredibly hard to get during pandemic shortages)


yeah it is a great idea tbh getting to know other people art and stuff


Hey @TheGiven, thanks for the chat. How’s the weather out in South Africa? Here in Manitoba, Canada it’s snowy, snow, snow, and more snow. I live in a smaller town so Covid isn’t everywhere. But we are back on an upswing with cases. Too many people are lying about quarantining, traveling from other provinces, not following the guidelines.

What got you into the world of NFTs?


Heya! We are moving into winter now, but it was still 34 degrees celcius today…

How did I get into NFTs, I heard about the hype and at first wasn’t interested until a friend convinced me to give it a try. So now here I am.

PS sorry for the late reply, the bot wouldnt let me post for 20hrs.

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We should this topic active

99% of people are just here to shill their nfts.

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Lol trueeee i’m thinking about selling my next piece about 20-26 ether

Resizing everything to 10680x10680

Yeah actually. Would have been cool if there was a “General Discussion” category. To be honest I think the forum needs a bit of more attention. There is an “Uncategorized” section, but even there, I feel like you can’t just start a random topic, unless somehow it relates to NFTs. I mean is, I get it, we are on a website about NFTs, but still :sweat_smile:


True hahaha but still we can talk about other stuff


What programs do you create your NFT’s in?
So far mine have been created in Blender.

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Blender, sometimes maya (usually not cause f*ck that program lol) but tbh I haven’t minted any 3D art yet. My 2D pieces were created mainly in Photoshop & Illustrator with a little help from Premiere Pro and After Effects and maaaaaaaaybe sometimes maaaybe i might switch to Animate (but i haven’t done a lot in there yet)

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I will Mint some of my 2D work in the future, waiting to be verified before I mint more.

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out of pure interest: how long did it take you to create your 3D piece?
i gave it a like btw, looks pretty cool :slight_smile: i love retro stuff

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Thanks, in honesty it didnt take long, as I have a very extensive history in 3D.
You can see my actual portfolio here http://thegiven.co.za if you would like :slight_smile:

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that’s awesome, i’m really digging your art. great job!
any tips for blender beginners on how to stay motivated or what to do to improve skills?

Thanks mate, kind of you to say.
If you like I run a community on http://blender52.com which helps users learn and grow in Blender.
We provide 52 themes/prompts over the 52 weeks of the year to help keep you motivated.
Ps it’s all free, just my way of giving back.

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thank you so much, that’s exactly what i needed. what a great way to give back.
i joined the discord server and i’m very excited for what’s to come. :slight_smile:
Thank you again!

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Wish I could get into Blender, but I was an early adopter of Cinema4D and have used it since the early 2000s. Now I can’t navigate around a scene in any other 3D app!