A way to rearrange the NFTs in our profiles

I would like to propose the idea of creating a way to rearrange the NFTs in one’s profile.

There are NFTs that I would love to be displayed more prominently than others.

Someone transferred one of their pieces into my wallet and now it is what everyone sees first when they go to my profile.



The last operation appears first. It will go to the back rows as you do other operations.


Yeah, but I would prefer a way to manually rearrange them.
I want my best art to be what people see when they click on my profile.


I agree. I have certain NFTs that go together even though they were created at different times. It would be nice to display them next to each other…
Even just aesthetically I think it would be nice.


Hello, a good suggestion, as a result, our best works are left behind.

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I love this idea :+1:

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hi community. I am very excited to deal with NFT space and at last i started to create some real nfts. But i was hanging around for a while to learn rarible world and at that times i created a few simple nfts. Now i burned them but they are still seen on created section. Is there a way to remove them?

@Goksel this question has already been asked on this platform. Please use the search function.

Also, you are asking a question which has nothing to do with the original topic of this thread. I would advise you to post a new topic if you are inclined to do so.

oh ok sorry so i have to delete message? Sorry it was my first message. Just registered.

it’s fine like this right now, I guess. just search for the information first before asking :wink:

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I love that you can now hide NFTs but I also want to arrange the ones I don’t hide.

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Does anyone know if their has been any discussion from Rarible about adding this feature?

I wish I did but almost everybody seems to want it so I bet they address it soon. :crossed_fingers:

Has anyone got any updates about when Rarible is going to add this feature?