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I Cant see my collectables
I can see them if i go trough opensea, and then to rari, one by one, that take me to the next address

But if you press on “OWNER” or “CERATOR” there is nothing…
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You can give more information about uploading our files.
thank you,

I got this crazy suggestion, reply to support emails & fix RARI payments to those whom aren’t receiving RARI

So this is my first time at the website and I am looking to mint an artwork and I have issues. I’m not completely in the dark about NFTs and crypto in general (I mined a coin and lost it to GOX back when btc was cracking $1000), so I don’t think I am out of bounds in my critique.

  1. It’s a little weird logging in. I expect to “create an account” first, but all I am prompted to do is link my wallet.

  2. I link my wallet, fine. But there is really no explanation about “Choose Collection” - “create” or “Rarible” doesn’t really give me much to go off of.

  3. When I hear “Collection” I am imagining that I will be creating a brand of sorts with multiple pieces of art, but that doesn’t seem to be the case? Clarity on that would be good. Even some hints when I hover over the options could go a long way.

  4. When I “Create” a collection: I am supposed to upload an image. What is this image for and how is it different than the image I am minting? What’s exactly the “Symbol”? Is that specific to this single piece? What are the requirements for the symbol? What about the url? Am I creating a page for all my NFTs? There’s literally no guidance.

  5. The sample description confused me even more: “eg After purchasing you’ll be able to get the real T-shirt” makes me think I’m selling a physical thing. Are T-shirts giveaways that common?

  6. When I check other users on the website, I see they have two images (a banner and a circular avatar icon) - how do I even go about making one of those pages? Ideally, that would be something I set up first before I even begin the minting process, no?

  7. Ultimately I feel like a more guided process to setting up an account would make me more comfortable, especially since there is a steep GAS fee to make this process a reality.

These are a few of my initial thoughts. Hopefully developers will find it useful.

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Is there a way on the market to communicate with other artists and creators directly ? i am in the dischord server but there is not an obvious way to talk to other creators directly perhaps i am unaware of that feature on the market