'Accept Bid' not working

Little problem. Someone has placed a bid on my NFT. I press ‘accept bid’, It goes through all the steps. I agree to pay the gas fee…

…then nothing.

The gas fee isn’t taken out, the payment isn’t processed. Do these processes sometimes take a while. It’s been 20 minutes, still nothing. Or is there a bug?

Anyone experience anything similar?


Hi @ChrisWahl
did you chec your wallet maybe proses done but you didn’t get notification.Also sometimes fee can be more then a small bid you should chec how much fee you paid and whats the difference between fee and bid
good luck,

Thanks for the response.

No activity on my rarible profile wallet or my Metamask wallet. The bid’s a lot more than the fee so that isn’t the problem.

I realy want to help you but unfortunately I don’t have more information about your issue
you should send a mail to rarible I think they will help you
good luck,

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If you havent got charged yet , just cancel and try again , sometimes it takes a few try

Yep. It was all sorted. Thank you.