Account Verification lates

To whom it may be of Concern,
I got declined and in the email it says i didn’t have a cover image i updated my and verified both my cover image and twitter account but no one has sent back any email to me. Can someone please assist me on wht to do i sent a couple of emails to the team but no one has replied.

I am only a member, not a Rarible admin or anything, though I want to help. First, I would like to say that the website is overflooded at the moment and every market is trying their best to manage it.

Did you fill out a new verification form?: Each time you are denied, you need to fill out another form.
If you sent in another form: How long as it been since you waited? The process takes approximately 2 weeks per verification.
If you did not wait at least 2 weeks: Please wait at least that amount of time before becoming worried about no responses from the team.

Also, please take at this website to see if you qualify properly for a verification badge: Verification by Rarible
Please keep in mind that they seek for activity on social media accounts and would like to see artwork offered there too. It helps to be verified.

Hello @Mo3nor,

Just my two cents : when did you create your account. Your profile says 21 of march, but did you create your rarible before? Because they litterally can’t verify in 6 days.

Second, : don’t submit immediately after rejection. Try to improve your account and wait several days before submitting again.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

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same here, they told me I had to upload a cover image, the day after my first request! I did but they never got back to me!

I don’t know when you exactly uploaded your cover.
If you did it after you were rejected, they are not going to get back to you. You need to fill out another request.

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