Add audio files into the minter (mp3)

This is perhaps simplier and cheaper than mp4s and high-quality gifs, and it would bring a new wave of artists & collectors into the market.


how would you solve the cc rights desputes of record lables ? (youtube problem and spotify )

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Well i suppose it first it would be more like soundcloud, indie music distribuiton based on reputation of the artist. Then we can evolve to a auto-analyzing content for forgery

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I think this would be a great idea for people like me who are both artist and music producers. Maybe it would work if users provided proof of ID along with a copy of a copyright certificate, however, most artist including me can’t afford to copyright every song. On the other hand the platform can have the user sign a waiver that would leave the user fully responsible for all content uploaded and indemnify the platform of any damages.

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Maybe a license agreement between musicians to have their songs minted into tokens and receive first sale and resold royalties. I don’t know? You tell me.

I would vote against adding audio and mp4s for a while unless it is a completely separate site. I like to make animations with audio, but trying to do too many thing at once dilutes core mission.

The second reason is language. We all speak different languages in the world, and adding audio might fragment the expression into only one culture’s content if they dominate it. When you do visual works with little or no text, then it is comprehended by everyone. It’s why memes are such a powerful force in world communication.