Adding / Changing Category of NFT

Hey everyone!

I’m just wondering if you’re able to change/add a category your NFT is in? When I released my NFT I don’t believe there was a “Music” category but there is now. My NFT is Music but comes with the cover art, and I’d like to add the category Music to the NFT

Thanks in advance!

Hello @MIIDDY Sorry to inform you but No there is no way to change category. the only option is to burn then remint in a new category. But I think they auto select category by file type or something I don’t remember ever selecting a category when minting

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Hi and welcome among us @MIIDDY.

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Before minting : you can’t change the category. It’s a bug, but the Rarible Team is working on it.

After minting : a NFT is immuable so you can’t change anything on it.

By the way, your music is so dope! :heart_eyes:

I wish you’ll find your way here. :smiley:

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