Adding Test Network?

Are there plans to add a test network? Eg, Rinkeby

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what do you mean ? what is the purpose ? please elaborate :wink:


Being able to log in to rarible on the Rinkeby test net for example.

The purpose: A way to to test mint some tokens in order to test and troubleshoot functionalities such as split royalty payments etc to make sure an idea works, without having to commit to paying real ETH just to test the concept out.

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Hey JamesC,

We already have a Test Network.
You can access them via or

Make sure to set your wallets network to the one you’ve chose, and then you can send yourself some ETH for testing purposes using:

Hope this helps!

Tanis Webb,
Rarible Support


Oh amazing. I must have had difficulty finding that it existed!

Would you consider having a pop up dialogue box appear when my wallet was signed in on a test network that helps me navigate to the test versions of rarible? I think this might help new users wanting to do the same thing in the future.

Thanks again,