Animal artists? Where y’all at?

Who else here does animal art/pet portraits? Are you finding success on the platform so far? Share some of your best works and your Twitter/social links!
My first minted NFT

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My first NFT piece, “An Australian Shepherd I would put my life on the line for” is available for bidding on Rarible! (0.36 ETH)‬


Love this work. Very nicely done :slight_smile:

quite an original style :smiley:
I have just my Kinky Fox and Kabinetka the mermaid - it’s half fish half human so I suppose that I can call her animal as well :smiley:

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Hello animal and plant lovers u can check my instagram and works on rarible :smiley_cat:

instagram : deniziko_works

I’m going to be starting a collection of underwater NFTs, I have an octopus live on Rarible at the moment if you want to check it out :slight_smile: Also is anyone having any luck selling their NFTs? Anyone got any tips on what to do to get noticed more?

Trippy_Octopus - Rarible | Rarible

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WOW! They looks amazing! Love pets… Great Job

Working on this mad cow version of abstract digital art. If anyone is interested please let me know

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Here are a few of my llamas: