Any one looking to collaborate with a spoken word artist on some art?

Looking to get into the NFT space and looking for people to collaborate with my spoken word stuff?

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Hey @Suli, can you broaden your request to include some suggestions and expectations please :slight_smile:

So I have been creating spoken word content on YouTube for almost 10 years now. Here is my site and work. I have no expectations since I am really new to the space, just looking to experiment on some work.

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The last spoken word I went to was in Manchester a few years back

so yeah, had a listen to you and I’d be interested to collaborate but you obvs need to see who I am for your consideration; my ‘where I’m at’ can be seen here:

nice work. let’s connect and try something.

sweet, thanks

do you have a piece ready to go or are you thinking of something new?

i have got lots of content ready to go, but i guess it’s a conversation about what works for collaboration.