Any Plans to Migrate to Polkadot or BSC considering ETH gas for minting


Looking at how much people spend on Gas to Mint an NFT, is there a plan to mitigate this by planning to migrate to Polkadot instead of Ethereum ?. BSC could be a secondary option too.

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Gonna Keep this thread alive until it gets noticed. I hope Team takes a notice of the issue and acknowledge.

I agree. Are the devs acknowledging that eth fees are barring many people from minting art in rarible?
Chains like BSC already have NFTs on their platform with cheap fees.
How is the Rarible team addressing this and why is there no acknowledgement from them?

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Yes, The keyword is acknowledgment. Not saying this must be migrated for sure. But a plan to mitigate the risk of ever increasing gas fees will bring more artists to the platform. Not just celebs.