Any way to import OpenSea gassless collection?

We made a collection of gasless NFTs on OpenSea, but can’t see them on Rarible. So is there any way to show them on Rarible as well? Thank you!

Yes you should be able to transfer items between platforms. Check this youtube video maybe if you make a new ethereum wallet via metamask and send a TEST ITEM to that address then connect to Rarible, You can always burn the item later if you need to. or maybe contact opensea support or opensea community & help section, rarible support, also you could check Youtube. Always check eth gas price before transferring. Don’t waste your money on high gas prices. Gas prices can range from a couple of dollars to well over $100. Also you still need to get verified on rarible which can take sometime & is difficult to achieve. unverified users items don’t show up on the default page. you need to go to the " filter & sort tab" to turn off “verified only” tab to see your items & so do other users .If other users don’t turn this off they will not see your items listed at all. You can check youtube videos about using rarible.

@nic333 thank you a lot! but as I understand we can’t create a mirrored storefront with all available items (this will require to transfer (mint) them all)