Are there any NFT discord servers?

Are there any discord servers out there that connect artists to buyers?
Would like to gain more reach for art work!

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good question - I reckon there’d be a fair few of us that would also like to know so if anyone has the answer …

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Yes me too I thought about it. The ones I know are dedicated to collections.


yeah and/or they’re platform specific as well :man_shrugging:


@SMARTPopArtist & @MJ.Warg
I think there are a few I have been doing some discord searches and here is one that I have found

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Rarible -->
Foundation -->
HicEtNunc --> -->
Art Loot -->
HotNFT -->
Crypto Shark NFT Market -->
Cyber -->
22 Hot Suff -->

foundation is the most active


Thank you so much @KENOBI