Are timed auction not available?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Hope you are having a nice day. I just realized that I cannot created timed auction for my NFTs anymore (the option is not displayed). This occurs with 1/1 pieces that have been in open timed auction previously. Anyone with the same issue? Any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance!



Not positive but to my understanding a timed auction can only happen once per piece.

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Thanks for your answer :). At least until yesterday, it was possible to start a timed auction for a piece several times. Maybe it has been changed.

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Oh then I guess I’m wrong I herd someone say that in the discussion.
I’ve never done a auction myself.


I have the same problem, I opened a ticket for verification


We can’t open the time auction today as much as we want. I think it will be fixed after a while.


news? the problem continues

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Hey there.

Unfortunately, I still have the same problem.

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Same too and another one. Can anyone see the 3 NFT I just bought?

Says cant fetch token info. They are from 3 different people.


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Yes I can see them :slight_smile:

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when you click to view them?

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I am not sure why this is happening for some and not others.
I have a piece that I have been putting up for a one day auction for the past few days with no problem.

Also I have one another NFT I hold say
This item has been temporarily blocked from public access.

Why? It was a trippy bitcoin.

Hope I get my money back for it.

Rarible really need to get things sorted here. The site is broke half the time

I have the same problem on one of the NFTs I own.
I can see it one Open Sea but not Rarible.
It has been this way for the past month.

Same problem here… :pensive:
I can no longer create an timing auction for my NFT on Rarible.

I’ve already created a ticket for Rarible support on this matter.
Hopefully they will provide any feedback about this.

I opened the ticket and got no return

Hi there.

There is a way to do it. (1) Remove an item from sale and then (2) choose the timed auction. However there is an important issue when doing so -> my items did not appear on top of the list.

Looking forward for solutions.



Any news from your side? I am still cannot create a timed auction without removing from sale. And even worse, when I create a timed action after removing from sale it does not appear on the top :cry: .


I have been having the same issue for awhile now. Despite item already being removed from sale, timed auction still not available. On some tokens they are, some they are not. Regardless as to whether they were previously listed as a timed auction in the past, or first attempt. Appears no rhyme or reason. Can’t seem to make sense of it! Hope the issue is addressed/fixed soon. I too would appreciate any advice, or updates anyone is aware of.

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