Art minted on Opensea to import on Rarible


I’m already selling a collection on Opensea that I created and listed. I was wondering how I could import the art on Rarible to list it here as well?(I already have an account on Rarible where I sold in the past)

I know tokens minted on Rarible automatically update with Opensea but I don’t really know the process on how to do it the other way around?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, Let me know when you find out how or if you can. thanks

Yes, still waiting for a reply…

I think if you had have minted on Rarible you could have listed them for sale on Opensea too.

If the token has been minted then it will be indexed and eventually appear on Rarible. If you have only listed it and not paid any fee you will not see it anywhere but Opensea as it is not on the blockchain and you cannot query it.

Thanks for the head’s up. That’s interesting, so that new listing system they promote so much lately on Opensea would NOT actually mint the NFTs to the blockchain?

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Yes you are correct!

Not until it has actually been paid for. Signing transactions are gasless because they are not on-chain :slight_smile: