Artificial Intiilegence Art (My First NFT)

Hey guys!

I create abstract art using Artificial Intelligence. The neural network is trained on works of famous abstract artists (such as Mondrian, Kandinsky, Klee, etc.) to create a completely original piece of art by itself. The first of many is up on Rarible right now, check it out!


Love this. This is so cool. AI art is fascinating :grinning: Good luck this looks great !


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As a neuroscientist I find this incredibly cool. Nice!

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Awesome! I created an AI driven NFT as well. I used a deep dream generator.

AI intrigues and scares me. But this is very interesting. I’ve listened to music generated by AI - from the music of famous artists - and that was very fascinating.

This art is the first I have seen done by an AI. I knew there were art pieces done by AI, but had never bothered to search for it. So, thanks :grin:

Hi everyone,

Anyone here know how to add programing to NFT artwork to make the image change based on lets say the time of day? Thanks