Artwork Promotion

What is the best way to promote the art I have on rarible?

Love the platform, has worked perfectly so far. Just unsure how to get people to land on my art so it attracts bidders.


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that is exactly my question too

Mine too!
I uploaded my first NFT but it is unfindable.
Can not see it anywhere, cannot find it in search only can send the link to the artwork.
If nobody can find it, how can i sell anything?

yep im thinking the same. ive been posting topics to encourage networking among creators of musical NFTs… i want to connect with more musicians on here.

I’m selling artwork from my releases. Here’s the first.

Just drip feeding trying to understand how to use the platform. Have had no bites yet though.

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I think the best way is to use this forum and discord to be a tight knit community that shares and follows each others posts on this platform and social media :thinking:

If there is a lot of cross promotion it is easier to get exposure globally.

I’ll start, this is my link, I’ll follow back anyone who follows, be it one here or twitter and such.

I think we are all trying to build a name for ourselves in this sphere, let’s make it snowball together! :star_struck:

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Looking forward to sharing some of my work and getting some feedback. I’ll be posting more similar works going forward. The first one I’ve listed is Sunset Dreams

this is dope, what program do you use to animate the piece? im new to visual arts as a whole and i want to learn how to animate my work.

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hello, im new to the space and hopful to improve the quality of my work going forward, would love feed back as well as tips on how to animate pieces.

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Dude… your artwork is DOPE!
And very unique.
Keep going, fk quality, your work is quality.


Thank you to all of those that did follow me, I’m trying to do it back :joy: Rarible won’t let me

@dangerdatsun Much appreciated. I’m fortunate in that at any given time nature gives me numerous opportunities to shoot beautiful scenes by just walking a few hundred yards from my home. Because of that many photos I use are taken with my iPhone, and I use the app Motionleap to add animation. It’s a free app with in-app purchases/upgrades. I also have the app PixaMotion but haven’t played around with it yet. Hope that helps.

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I have the sam issue :frowning:

Great question, I think all newcomers like myself have the same issue and want to know how to get noticed in the big ocean of great arts.

Here is mine, follow me and I’ll follow back!

Yeah @JayComtois i agree. I heard the same thing on reddit.

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