Asset Categories

Prior to listing an asset for sale on Rarible, one category must be selected for that asset. These categories should be displayed as tabs or large boxes on the front page. The user can then click on the category they want to view. My proposed categories are:

Adult / NSFW
Digital Art
Digital Music
Digital Photography
Domain Names
Game Assets
Virtual Land


That’s a brilliant idea, there is so much on rarible, anything to get stuff organized here would be welcome!

If I just want to go through game assets or virtual land, it would be fantastic to have section on here dedicated to only those kinds of items.

Love this.

strongly disagree. tags and filters. not categories.


Agree - tags and filters vs categories.

Categories, filters, tags… you are playing with words, not sure everyone understands the nuances tbf. But everyone is looking for the same result : better search / accessibility.

I’ll support that :+1:

By the way, would be good to concentrate ideas on threads, this subject was already opened earlier : More ways to browse and discover NFTs