⚠️ **ATTENTION** message on ENS names

:warning: ATTENTION: This name contains non-ASCII characters as shown above. Please be aware that there are characters that look identical or very similar to English letters, especially characters from Cyrillic and Greek. Also, traditional Chinese characters can look identical or very similar to simplified variants. For more information, please see this Wikipedia article.

I don’t think this message should be displayed on ENS names with emojis in them, it doesn’t make sense and isn’t relevant. When I see the giant hazard sign next to an ENS name with an emoji I think “broken” or “scam” or “fake”.


Emojis for names are fun and unique to have and different because ENS addresses can resolve wallet addresses into these names.

There’s a entire dimension of collectibility and rarity of ENS emoji names being suppressed bc of this hazard message which isn’t relevant.

Can we fix this?

I’m wondering why this message is on any of the non-ascii names.

It looks like a giant sign that says “don’t buy this”

i can create text art too as a .eth name and they are always 1 of 1.

ᘳ•ᴥ•ᘰ.eth is a valid name and there’s only one but the hazard says “don’t buy this” “warning” “scam” “broken”