Auction Bidding Issues

Hi All,

I have a timed auction finishing today and a couple of issues from bidders trying to buy…

  1. I received a new bid on one item for 1 wETH. I got an email notification from Rarible confirming this bid and it shows on the my items page that the bidding has reached 1 wETH, however in the item listing the highest bid is shown as 0.772 wETH (the previous highest bid). Do I, as the seller, have to do anything to accept this new bid? The reserve was set at 0.7, so there should be no issue there.

  2. On this auction, one bidder who has been outbid would like to increase their offer but they have said that their ETH is still tied to their original bid, is this correct? Would they have to cancel their original bid to increase their offer?

Any help would be greatly appreciated