Bad first experience with crypto and with this site

Hi. I’m new to this.

I first had a hassle with accidentally sending zero Eth to myself and paying stupid amounts for transaction fees with MEW wallet (which is absolute garbage UI design that that could even be possible to do). Then, once I finally had that taken care of and the wallet properly connected to Rarible, I had all the information entered to list my first item, and got to the ‘Minting’ stage which listed a transaction fee of about $78. I proceeded, thinking that this was the price to pay to make a listing here, being offered no explanation by the site at all as to what it meant if not that (I mean… You can’t make tool-tip pop-outs to explain important stuff like this, like they’ve done since Windows 95? Come on… wtf?). I was given an error, and as far as I know the item was not posted for sale, but the crypto WAS swiftly deducted from my MEW wallet. When I tried the process again after getting the error, I got another error saying insufficient gas for transaction, and checking the wallet app confirmed that the previous try had actually deducted it.

How is it that crypto can be transferred with no real explanation of what or why and no accountability for where it goes or how it gets there? How can you take my crypto without first verifying your site is functioning properly to provide the service I just fucking paid for? Just, glitch, no explanation at all, just some code monkeys error message. I feel as thought I might as well just have thrown $80 in the toilet. Who would want to do anything with crypto after an experience this bad? You have make it accessible to those of us who don’t speak fluent coder-ese! Stop implicitly asking your customers to be your debuggers and instead polish that shit before you make it go live.

Tbh I don’t see how you guys get on without dedicated UI designers who don’t have their heads up their asses or are not stuck in the 90’s, or both, because this ‘user experience’ has some really shitty rough edges. I’m hoping to find solutions here. Please help.


Same here I’m missing ETH and have nothing minted.


This site is terrible. I can’t get a bid cancelled and then they want to charge 15 buck for something called gas fees. $148 bucks down the road. There is no where to turn this site in. is it a scam?


Update – After a week, FINALLY the NFT showed up. But now I can’t take the item off sale on Rarible or transfer the tokens to another marketplace without paying a ridiculous gas fee the speed of which isn’t changeable. THIS SITE IS TOTAL DOGSHIT.

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Hello there Rarible, I am a new user and have just had the same bad experience.
I created my first NFT and came to the transaction part. Part 1 asked me to pay a fee to approve something… Part 2 then asked for another fee which is much higher (and i wish i knew beforehand). The transaction was hanging and nothing happens. I clicked refresh and the page went to the homepage.

I went to my Items and couldn’t find anything there. I assume there should be a saved file of my listing (with a pending payment message or something like that). My ETH wallet had the 1st fee deducted. So where can i find my (In Progress) listing? Or if no listing, where i can get the fee refunded?

The support link also doesn’t work.

I hope someone from Rarible can assist and help resolve this as soon as possible. Or else, i will have to leave a review and inform others about this kind of scam.

Thank you

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I am with you. There needs to be better support or people are gonna lose faith in this system. I lost Eth with Rarible as well. I am hesitant to add more art. Smh.

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I’m still waiting for support to reply to my email. But i read that most people don’t get any response.

I am a crypto hopeful and this Rarible isn;t doing the crypto potential any justice.
There are so many great payment and ecommerce sites to model after, and yet they chose to set up a payment system where you pay part1 first, without knowing how much part 2 is gonna cost. And if you decide not to go ahead after seeing that Part 2 fees are too high, the Part 1 fee is already paid and gone.

This must be the worst kind of ecommerce site. I feel that it is designed to trap users and keep earning from the Part 1 fees.

More people need to know about how Rarible works.

check on this website the if the transaction is still pending

copy and paste your account address on the research engine
you should see all transaction that have interact with the Ethereum blockchain
if is still pending you should use the same account address send another payment increasing the gas.
the first one would be delate automatically as soon the second would be record in the block
check on youtube
let me know if works, this is the way I do when I invest on Defi. The principal is the same
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I had the same experience today. I uploaded an NFT and paid the transaction fee. Then I received an error. Funds have disappeared from my account and I have not had my artwork minted.

@clusterprism You mentioned that the transaction finally went through… how many days did it take? Did the NFT just appear?

Yeah, this website is pretty crap. I know the high fees are due to the eth network not Rarible… However, after we pay the fee I expect the website to work flawlessly, and it’s the complete opposite. My art

Shows it’s listed but can’t be seen or found search…

Shows it’s cancelling…

And somehow I guess the AI decided to put a photo in the art section vs the photography section… Because for some reason you can’t choose the category to list your work in…

If that’s not enough the eth gas fees are so high if I want to list on another website like opensea it’s $150… And opensea list for free… so it’s ethereum network along with Rarible that made something I was excited about a nightmare.

I’m with you guys.
The entire experience has been horrific. Still no sign of my work in the search bar… Like everyone else… Annoyed by the lack of support is an understatement.

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Not one mention from a moderator?

I don’t think I’m joining this rarible race. I’ve read so many posts exactly the same issue and not one comment from support. You guys should take your story to the news. Just call your local news station.

Totally understand what you are saying. While I love Crypto, this site is frightening. I was charged quadruple gas, and an insane 78.00 fee as well. My item wasn’t listed, isn’t shown for sale anywhere, and no one will help me. I’m out 150.00 US in Eth. No where anywhere does it says prior to “minting” that this is a no-holds-barred-never-going-back thing, you can’t unlist it or edit a description. It accually says on this site- if you made mistakes, cancel the sale. But if you do- you’re going to get charged again, twice in my count.
I have begged them to at least release my item back to me- no one’s replying. It’s been a week.

Another bad experience here.

I’ve lost money, but not as many as others in this thread, actually loosing those amounts sound frightening for me. I already lost usd$40 and I’m thinking on counting my losses and get the hell out of here.

It’s ridiculous that you’re never warned about the ridiculous gas prices (usd$52), not even an estimate before charging the first fee, that’s what kept me from making my NFT after loosing the rest of the money just moving the stupid Ethereum and paying the fist step fee. I don’t know how this economy even works if every transaction takes 10% chunks every time you want to do anything, it’s absurd.

Maybe it works for some people, but I had to work really hard for the money that just evaporated in front of my eyes today.

Am so sorry about your experiences, hopefully your issues will be fixed

Me too. Ive spent four hours boucing between trying to approve transactions with wallet (it freezes at country (UK) and trying to get any further with getting funds across via Zerion, whatever that is. Ive got funds as far as my Coinbase Wallet but cant seem to get it any nearer to Raible than that.

If this was a slick sight just imagine how much more successful it would be.

That’s a hell of a fucking customer support

@Danny88 hahaha am so sorry, am just a user like you. Was trying to be encouraging, not actually give customer care

Sorry about that:)))))I can’t believe that I thought customer support replied:))))))))))

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