Bad first experience with crypto and with this site

Hi. I’m new to this.

I first had a hassle with accidentally sending zero Eth to myself and paying stupid amounts for transaction fees with MEW wallet (which is absolute garbage UI design that that could even be possible to do). Then, once I finally had that taken care of and the wallet properly connected to Rarible, I had all the information entered to list my first item, and got to the ‘Minting’ stage which listed a transaction fee of about $78. I proceeded, thinking that this was the price to pay to make a listing here, being offered no explanation by the site at all as to what it meant if not that (I mean… You can’t make tool-tip pop-outs to explain important stuff like this, like they’ve done since Windows 95? Come on… wtf?). I was given an error, and as far as I know the item was not posted for sale, but the crypto WAS swiftly deducted from my MEW wallet. When I tried the process again after getting the error, I got another error saying insufficient gas for transaction, and checking the wallet app confirmed that the previous try had actually deducted it.

How is it that crypto can be transferred with no real explanation of what or why and no accountability for where it goes or how it gets there? How can you take my crypto without first verifying your site is functioning properly to provide the service I just fucking paid for? Just, glitch, no explanation at all, just some code monkeys error message. I feel as thought I might as well just have thrown $80 in the toilet. Who would want to do anything with crypto after an experience this bad? You have make it accessible to those of us who don’t speak fluent coder-ese! Stop implicitly asking your customers to be your debuggers and instead polish that shit before you make it go live.

Tbh I don’t see how you guys get on without dedicated UI designers who don’t have their heads up their asses or are not stuck in the 90’s, or both, because this ‘user experience’ has some really shitty rough edges. I’m hoping to find solutions here. Please help.

Same here I’m missing ETH and have nothing minted.

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