Banner Image Quality

Hey everyone,

Is anybody else having trouble with their banner image quality/resolution?

Every banner image I post is very very blurry and blown out. (even when following the 1440x260 resolution guidelines).


Hi @losada.eth,

no I didn’t have the problem.

Anybody met this problem?

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i get that problem, i think its general. Its not sharp.

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interesting, im having this problem with .gif headers to be exact, photos not so much.

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Check your dpi it have to be at 240dpi or 300dpi

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I am having major banner issues too. I uploaded a png banner. looked great. About a week in to being on rarible…my banner is all blown up. Completely correct resolution. Everything was fine. It will NOT properly display any jpg or png banner in the correct 1440x260 res. It always blows the size up so my banner is all zoomed in. The only way I can get it to display my actual banner is in a super low quality jpg, as soon as i try even a little bit higher than quality output in jpg or png format it just goes right back to functioning weird. It’s frustrating. It was easy, no brainer, looked great at first and now i see everyone with their spicy cool banners and i’m feeling a little left out! wtf lol