Basically Just Spent $70 to Watch my Art not get Uploaded

Hi forums, I hope I can get this issue looked at if needed.

Yesterday I made this awesome debut NFT that I planned to mint last night. I paid the initiation fee, which was about $10 here, and $10 in fees (on the Wyre app) no problem. However, my problem was made clear here:

There was a $38 gas fee, plus another $10 purchase fee on Wyre. So naturally, I purchased more. However, when I looked at Metamask, the minting price went up from $38 to $42, and I had insufficient funds.

So I returned to Wyre again to pay, but happened to look over to my wallet balance on Metamask, and I only had $9 in ETH! Where did it go? I never confirmed the $38 gas transaction!

I’d love to know how to get back the $38 and know why this discrepancy happened. I’m literally looking at an un-uploaded piece, and an empty ETH wallet. Two no-so-great things.

I can attach specific info at one’s request. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I had a very similar problem, in total I spent about 80$ and then the website got stuck and I never received my fee or saw my artwork uploaded!!

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I had the same experience. The “gas money” fee was delivered and nothing happened. No NFT created, money gone.

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When I minted mine (here on Rarible) 2 days ago, I spend around $80 and it did take some time till it was uploaded and visible - around 2 - 3 hrs. Maybe you just have to wait a bit? Hope it will solve itself with some patience.

A moderator needs to respond to this. The process is looking more like a scam. If people are loosing their money we the people need to start reporting this to news channels because that is not right.

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same… did your art ever make it up?

I burnt my first $70 too. Seems to be part of the learning curve but don’t give up :cowboy_hat_face:

My experience was that I was told that it was $10 to mint. Then I got a message that there were not enough fees. I was surprised because I had transferred over $55 to MMask. They wanted $70 more and kept the $10. I don’t know how to complete the transaction. This is SO not ready for primetime that it reeks of scumminess. I’m sure non of the other platforms are much better. Gas fees are too damn high. Who’s running this?

What I am seeing a lot of is people are jumping into NFTs without learning about Ethereum, Blockchain, Gas Fees. What is going on here is 100% normal. Look into gas fees, what they are, how to set a higher gas fee limit so you don’t run out of gas.

For a quick reference if your gas fees are at 0.01, and you have your gas fee limit set to that, it could take 0.011 Eth you will run out of gas and you will lose your Eth. But if your gas fees are 0.01Eth and you set your limit to 0.1 you may only pay 0.005 after the transaction, in gas fees.

This is why it’s super important to learn how it all works before jumping in and getting upset when these things happen.

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Yup. I have a NFT still showing a broken image. Haven’t uploaded anything because of that. Not so sure about this place.

Same situation… spent hard mined eth to upload art and…

  1. the site nickel and dimes you with fees at every point
  2. after nickeling and dimeing you it won’t upload the file.

The site should at least safe the file in a holding area since I paid to get through the 1st pay wall.
Also if you look there is a cheaper option but that “slow” option always times out so you have to use the “fast” option.

Help and I want my listing up

i just minted an NFT and its not even showing its just a black screen…