Bid is 10x lower than the site says it is

I’ve noticed I have a few really low bids on some of my works - .001 eth all from the same bidder. However, I also noticed Rarible is saying .001 is worth $0.18. This is obviously not correct if one ETH is currently worth $1,800. When I look at the actual bid it’s actually for .0001. To see this I had to hit ‘accept bid’ and look at the transaction and then cancel it.

Even though these are small amounts, it seems like it would be a good idea to have this accurately displayed or at least say something like “less than .001 ETH” if .001 is going to be displayed as the lowest number possible. Images attached.

bid bid2

you see the ~ sign before the bid amount, they are trying to say it’s approximately 0.001 but in actual it is 0.0001. May be they have code it like not to show less than 0.001 on the main page.

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My expectations from Rarible may have been higher than required. More than 4 months now here and no single bid yet.

It took me a while too. Getting verified seems to have really helped - but art is weird. Just keep making what you want to make, for the sake of the art itself. If it speaks to someone, the ETH will come - just don’t expect huge, life-changing sums of money. Keep honing your craft.

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