Bidding Functionality Issues

I just purchased an item after bidding on it, because I decided I was not willing to wait and simply payed the asked price. However, I have discovered some major issues

  1. I have found no possible way to cancel my bid; thus my ETH will be inaccessible for an unknown amount of time, assumingly until the bid is accepted, denied, expired, outbid, or until the item that I bid on is no longer for sale

  2. I’ve purchased the item, the item is NOT for sale, and the bid is still active. Also, I’m literally the person who made the bid, and I own the item, and I’m now being asked if I want to accept my own bid.

  3. I am given NO option to refuse the bid. Neither side of the bid is able to verify that the money no longer needs to stay ready. I really need my money now that I’ve spent all of my spare ETH on the purchase. It’s stuck waiting to expire, when both ends of the transaction have affirmed that it will not be used, among all of the other indicators that come from the detail that the bidding address is the selling address…

couldn’t there at least be a warning that the funds will be inaccessible for a set period of time regardless of what follows?

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