Bidding times extending nonsense

So I bid on an item today. I liked it. I bid on it in the last minute of the auction. I saw the bidding price, the person who minted it agreed to a minimum bid, I met the lowest bid, it sounded like a done deal.

Then the time increased 10 minutes. I thought that was weird so I watched a little, and then it counted down to below 1 minute and I was still the highest bid, but at around 10 seconds of time left, 10 more minutes were added a second time. At that point, I was outbid.

This is a scam. I don’t know what’s happening, but the bidding clock should be the bidding clock. Is someone adding time to their own bids just to bump up the price more?


Hi and welcome among us @ARTificial-Beauty

The site is encountering various bugs, so it impairs bidding and generates many issues.

You have to wait.

I wish you the best here.

But wait for what? How many 10 minute blocks will be added? Looking at that item, it happened again. Do I just keep adding bids? It breaks auctions. I’d rather just purchase the item and deal with the gas fees. I probably could time that better to minimize cost rather than guessing if yet another 10 minutes will be added to the auction.

I have no idea, sorry. If you can purchase it, then go for it.