Big headache so far, or just me?

Spent a significant amount of time (and money/Ether) over the weekend trying to get my first NFT minted. How is everyone going about promoting their work? I’m sure it gets easier, especially if you begin to make sales, but the whole process has been quite discouraging to say the least.


Yea, it was a bit frustrating for me as well. I hadn’t researched it much, but wasn’t aware of the 2nd transaction fee that was needed. Ended up having to spend more money transferring from coinbase to my wallet and then for the minting.

As far as promotion, I just stuck it on here and made a post similar to what you did. Unfortunately I don’t think work will get much notice until you at least get verified. Can’t even find my work by searching for the exact name or even my name. A direct link to it seems to be the only way to find it.

But, hey, nice artwork. I’ll give it a like when I get a few extra minutes.


I feel the same, it has cost me $75 to create my first NFT and it can’t be seen anywhere. Doesn’t show up in search results, not sure where it’s gone?

Do we get verified automatically, or we do we have to sort that out ourselves?

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About the same for me. A little over $80. You have to answer like 9 questions to get verified. There’s a place on the website to do it, but can’t remember where exactly. Just follow the link if you can find it. Answer those questions and then it says you should be notified in 4 days or so whether or not you get it.

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Imagine paying and seeing the image of a broken image. Bruh, it’s been 2 days and no fix. My Eth Is lost out there in the ether. So yeah, big headache here as well.

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Yeah nothing but NFT woes here. 4 attempts straight have failed. The furthers I got was “pending” for 4 days. Maybe I’m using the wrong wallet. MetaMask. I have no idea. On the upside I’ve lost very little funds just a significant amount of some very limited time.

I guess I’ll try it again with a different wallet?

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You’re doing fine man.

Being able to spot opportunity in the space and act on it is a win it’s self.

There are other people who are clueless as to this what this space is.

Remember. The name of the game is longevity here.

5-10 years of work building up a platform and consistently producing artworks.

Give it time and you are bound to be noticed an md have NFT’s bought.

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I guess. I have a few more pieces I would like to upload, but I also don’t want to go broke “Minting” them.

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Ive been told to verify via twitter, but that doesn’t seem to help. A little research into this russian backed company shows limited staff of 5-10 people.
Search results SUCKS, gas fee SUCKS, customer feedback or ANY help SUCKS.

Best of luck, if I can’t find my first one, WHY POST ANOTHER ONE?


I don’t have Twitter, so that would be no good for me.

What a scam, I just realised that they actually took more than the $75 as there was another charge before the minting process.

But really I’m mad at myself, because the idea is daft, you can’t mint an image and make it unique, it’s just pretend, because ANYBODY can screen grab ANYTHING from a screen, so the whole thing is a joke.

Invest the money in crypto elsewhere, you actually have a chance of making some then, this is a scam

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Hey man,

Sorry to hear of your woes. I’m kind of in a similar boat to you situation wise, but in a far more optimistic mindset. I would just treat it like an experiment. Come on here and like a few pieces and try to get verified as best as possible, then just close it down and review in like 24h again?

$80 to try a daring new thing with a considerable upside and a max $80 downside, isn’t that bad?

Hope you feel better,



Like your optimism. I’m looking at it the same way. I got a response back on getting verified sating it was declined for not having a cover image. Added one and made sure everything else was filled in, and am trying again. Hope it goes through this time. Good luck in this experiment!

Wishful thinking, where is the evidence to back up these claims, 5 to 10 years or building up? Cool, so we’ll all just keep spending $75 + every time we want to submit a pretend unique image? Sorry but the idea doesn’t make any sense

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Do that or just leave the game right now.

sweet pic- nice work

Just my 2 cents on the comments that I’ve read in this thread. Yes, I agree on the concerns expressed on most of the comments that I’ve read here and maybe my input would be of some help.

Firstly, getting verified takes time (a couple of weeks for me). You don’t have to have an active Twitter account to get verified, at least I didn’t. I had my personal Instagram account where there was zero artwork, but I did have a Behance profile with my artwork and I’ve submitted a screenshot of a PSD file showing that I actually created the NFT. In my opinion the screenshot and the Behance profile is what did the trick.

I also followed up once with the Rarible team, checking on my approval status. I did not bug them every other day though.

As for the fees. Yes, they are high at the moment. This has nothing to do with Rarible. It’s because the Ethereum’s network is in high demand right now. A lot of people doing transactions, minting and thus the gas fee goes up. Everything you do on Rarible is blockchain based, which means an Ethereum transaction has to happen for the action to take place and that costs money. However, you can put your artwork for more money to cover the gas cost and remain profitable.

Thirdly, there are alternatives to the Ethereum-based NFT marketplaces. For example, is Tezos based. It went live recently, has bugs, but they claim to have much lower fees. Also Ethereum is working on upgrades which might address the fee issue, but we don’t know when that would happen. And Opensea also has an integration with Tezos, although I don’t know if it’s live yet.

As for taking screenshots of the artwork/“defeats the purpose kind of thing”. This is the same as if you were to say that taking a photo of Mona Lisa defeats the purpose of the original painting. It’s not about the methods used to fabricate the original painting. What matters in the case of NFT Marketplaces is if you can prove to the marketplace that you are the creator of the painting. If you are, then you get the checkmark and then once you mint that token everyone will know that it came from the original creator even though someone may create a fake afterwards. It doesn’t mean that the fake won’t sell, but educated buyers will do their research before investing money and they will find out who was the original creator and will invest more money into original tokens than fake duplicates.

Hope this helps.

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migraine all day everyday.

They key is to have some patient, and if you have original works, and use this community actively, for sure you will get your account verified.


So were you verified? I had the same issue because I didn’t have a Twitter account. Now I do and am very active. Still no verification. :neutral_face: