Bought nft! Not showing up in my collectibles?

So I opened up Rarible in the browser in my Coinbase wallet. I purchased my first nft and figured it would show up in my collectibles wallet. There is nothing there and I don’t understand how to get my nft into my wallet. Please help. Thank You

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Hello dude,
Add a links if you want people to help you plus it always cool to say sup first. There is a guy up in here that will remind you every time and it’s not me.

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Hi and welcome among us @DoMecca,

As @AKAChambo mentioned (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), a “hi” or a “hello”, a brief introduction, and a link to your profile would be appreciated, especially for your first post. (and yes it’s me who ask for it).

Here are some leads to your issue :

  • The blockchain is superslow, so every transactions (selling, buying, transferring etc.) are heavily delayed and can take up to several hours.
  • check the NFT you bought and see if “transferring” is twinkling above. It means the transfer is in progress.
  • check your Coinbase wallet : is the transaction appearing? Is it in progress? If no transaction appears, it might be a bug and the purchase didn’t proceed properly.
  • Was it a bid? If it’s a bid, the seller has to accept it. If he doesn’t, you won’t have the token.
  • Was is a live auction? The system is recent and encounters many bugs. Bids can’t be accepted by sellers so no purchase occurs.

Hope it helped.

I wish you the best here.

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My bad guys!
Please excuse my manors. Thank you so much for helping me out with that info. I will post another intro soon.
I am grateful for this space your time.

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Hello @DoMecca in my experience Coinbase wallet is super slow and super buggy with NFTs if you keep refreshing and give it time your piece should eventually appear. Hope this helps. Hope this issue has resolved it self for you. :+1:

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