Brain Trust DAO helping $RARI holders on capital deployment strategies

WHY: Many $RARI tokenholders are not experienced with deploying capital into early stage startups. Many $RARI tokenholders are artists and collectors (as they should be!). These creatives spend time on creative matters, and do not have much time a) vetting and researching new projects that are popping up daily and b) thinking about the future of the NFT ecosystem.

WHAT: Brain Trust DAO would like to start helping $RARI tokenholders on capital deployment strategies. We at Brain Trust DAO focus most of our time working with early stage projects, and making capital deployment decisions as part of MetaCartel Ventures. We would like to begin offering our services to other DAOs in the web3 space, starting with Rarible DAO. MetaCartel Ventures holds 75,000 RARI tokens, and it will NOT use these tokens to vote on any proposals of the Brain Trust DAO.

Below are some examples of project proposals that could benefit from our input (this list is likely going to start growing quickly!!!). Effective decision making within a DAO is critical, and this proposal is a step in that direction.

[Proposal: NFT Rentals Integration (reNFT Protocol)]
[[RR-7][Final] Proposal: Decrease the barriers for creators to adopt NFTs]
([Draft] Proposal: Mystery Drop Platform Integration into Rarible)
(Proposal: NFT Gallery & Storefront Generator (Rodeo))

HOW: How would this look like?

  • We submit a proposal for $8K to contribute to the Rarible forum and provide useful input for investments and grant proposals on a monthly basis. $8K is a starting point for the services we offer, we can re-adjust later based on our contributions and the work requirements.
  • Funds would be sent to a Multisig. A member of our group will attend weekly community calls, starting this Thursday.
  • If members are happy with our contributions, we will keep asking for payments, and work towards being a vote delegate as this functionality is released on Rarible protocol.

About us:

  • Rolf Hoefer: PhD on valuing cryptoassets, founder of Numomo, active member in MetaCartel Ventures
  • Ben Middleton: Previously a professional poker player, active member in MetaCartel Ventures
  • Patricio Worthalter: Founder of POAP, active member in MetaCartel Ventures

Our work in progress website is here