Broken Image but only mobile devices

Hi All, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t2:

Another technical bug I seem to be experiencing.

So I minted my second NFT over the weekend and for time perspective its now Wednesday night.

The NFT is viewable on desktop and in my wallet in the collectables section, but the minute you try and view it on a mobile device web browser it displays the ‘broken image’ symbol.

(This was uploaded around the same time I saw a few broken image symbol posts on the discussion forum, but didn’t take too much notice. As the one I had uploaded was viewable on desktop within minutes of signing the contract, BUT I didn’t check it on a mobile device)

Why this is a issue
Now this is really quite a problem, because I’m trying to message / tweet a direct link to potential customers, or even just friends who might or want to support my work on socials.
Who will be more than likely viewing this on a mobile device (As will a huge part of the NFT community in general when it comes to purchasing NFT’s,), and they all reply with the same thing…

I can’t see it.

What’s strange the NFT appears viewable on my artists page on a iPhone, so the GIF preview loads just fine.
Just not the main video file once you click through to it.

I’ve tried viewing this NFT through the coinbase app web browser, instagram’s browser for additional web links, and just viewing it on safari’s native browser for the iPhone. All with the same result.

Broken Image

Now I don’t know about you, but being a artist, I only have a certain budget priced in for minting NFT’s in a month, so this is a bit of a hit.

I know minting can be expensive, but if this is the case, and it is a ‘Broken NFT’.
This seems like a real issue. As something that you are told Is something that is ‘Successfully Minted’ on and through Rarible, isn’t the case at all.

If you have the time, please could you let me know if you are also having trouble viewing this NFT on a ‘mobile device’ such as a phone or a tablet, and if it shows up or doesn’t what type of device you are using e.g. an Android or IOS device. Link below,

It’s also something I advise you check with your own NFT’s as it could be affecting your sales.
Because who wants to purchase a NFT that appears to be broken, or you can’t view the art you are buying?

Thanks for your time, and thanks in advance if you do provide any feedback after viewing the link.


(Screenshots of what appears on my mobile browser)

Also to add, I have added and verified my email. I think that’s just a site wide thing that it’s displaying for all users to add their email as its already been mentioned in another forum post.

Link To NFT The With Issue


Hi man! I noticed this 2-3 times in chrome on android. If I meet again, I will take screenshots and send here

Burned the original NFT, Tried another 2 times, this time installing Metamask on firefox browser to handle the minting process. Shortened the uploaded looped video to 16 seconds and lowered the overall file size.
Still the same problem. Not viewable on mobile devices.
Tried on all the same platforms with no luck. except now I’m about 100 dollars less well off from the gas fees of burning and re minting.

I’ve also checked My Open sea profile on these mobile browsers and tried to refresh the metadata over there as they have that option, but it also remains unable to view on mobile devices.

If anybody has come across a fix please post below.
Link to new uploaded NFT below.

First of all nice to see London is involved I’m also in London, now I was already asking around about the same issue. And it is quite annoying that the rarible team isn’t answering
And this is very inconvenient.

I have apple devices and on my I phone same issue can’t see nothing except the broken icon.
I read somehow said it will appear after some days but we’ll it has been a while now.

To be honest I don’t have proper answers to this yet, just sitting in the same boat and looking for a solution.



Here it is


Had a look, yours seems to be broken image on both mobile and desktop. Checked on both.
I can see the cover image for it, so potentially a similar issue.
How long ago did you mint it?
What type of file is it? Gif, Still image or video?

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It’s a video format, and I minted it atleast 2 weeks ago.

So now I’m between a rock and hard place.

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wow, that’s so frustrating. :flushed: I would be pissed.

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hey @Dantez
Yeah Mine was a video file too.
What format was yours in?
Mine was h.264 mp4.

Also don’t forget to like the original post if you are reading this. (the one at the top)
Keeping it visible on the forum means the likelyhood of the @raribleteam seeing it and acting upon it is higher.


Hey @Londonartist,
I had the same issue minting a webm file as an NFT. The device you view it on will only display the video if it has the correct codec. iOS does not currently support webm I believe, and same with some h.264 videos. It’s incredibly frustrating, but I now check it by uploading to google drive, and if I can’t download it on my iphone (from google drive), then I presume the format is not supported on iOS. I know a few others who have had the same issue. That being said, with my latest mint - it took about 45 mins to show all of the content correctly (cover as well).
Best of luck in the future!
Blockdogs - View on Rarible


THANK YOU @block.dogs

After chatting to yourself and a couple of video guys at my work, it was confirmed it was a bit rate issue for display on mobile devices.

To put it simply.
The the bitrate and settings on my video exports were too high to be processed on a mobile device, and I was pushing my uploads to get right up to the 30mb upload limit set by @rarible. This is why it was viewable on desktop and not moblie.

**The new settings to get it to work were: **
Format H.264.
size: 17.5 mb
duration: 32 seconds
2048x2048 pixels
Bitrate - 2 pass. ( minimum bitrate 4mb per second) (Maximum bitrate 7 megabites per second)

Tested it before uploading to rarible by putting it on google drive and then downloading to my phone to see if it would play back as a file on my phone (IOS users) as suggested by @block.dogs. This was a great tip, and I strongly suggest others do this before minting video files to save on the expensive process of re-minting.

Thanks for keeping this post visible. and thanks to all community members that gave their input on this thread.

Hopefully the answer helps other users with the same issues.

I also left export audio on as an option. Even though it was a soundless video, as it seems to be what everyone else is doing on the site. ( + If it works I’m not going to argue)

Screenshot 2021-04-25 at 13.26.15


Perfect! Glad to see this cleared up. This would be a helpful post for any new artists.
Also very useful for me to know the specific requirements for the videos.

All the best!

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ja, thanks for the tip and settings ! @Londonartist

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Thanks a lot for this information :slight_smile:

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I already have 3 NFT that can’t be opened from a mobile phone. So, it’s a great problem to advertise it on twitter.

And it’s not a video, but just photos!