Broken image link on my NFT

I minted my first work 5 days ago. It has received ZERO attention and the image link is broken. How can this be fixed?

I uploaded the screenshot with the broken image link. How would anykne want to buy that if they can’t see my work. I’ upset.

Where’s the support?

My rarible link is

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Hey I’m having the same issue. Did you figure it out?

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Also having the same issue! Any resolution??

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Same issue. So frustrating! Anyone help??

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many reported a broken link.

You should send a mail to rarible to see what they can do about it.

My NFT here and my profile here
I always follow for follow, even on instagram where you can see my other pieces and my painting process.

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Hello there, well I have the same issue here as well, but I’ve been reading about the wait for some days thing.
The question I have is this also same when the icon is broken?

And yea I’ve contacted the support team but still no answer…

Hi @Rmontagnini , I just clicked on your profile and I can see the image now. On both your profile and the token page. It was probably an error with Rarible servers, not much we can do about that.

For others who have similar problems, it seems to be more frequent when file exceed 10MB.

Well good to hear it worked out, hopefully I’ll experience the same very soon.

hi, now you can see perfectly