BUG with erc-1155 collection token

Hi guys i need your help!
I just created my first erc1155 collection token, but something weird is happening. As it created am seeing TWO erc1155 tokens (same names), one without the icon-pic and one with the icon-picture. When i try to mint something under the “correct token”(the one with the picture-icon), metamask wallet doesn’t connect to the transaction. If i use the other that has no icon, everything seems to work fine. The problem is that i kinda payed 950$ for this and i want to use the correct token with the picture icon

Welcome! Same thing happened to me and i think it was my fault- I may have been impatient during the minting and then clicked again to start the process on the same image a second time- I am curious as to how you ended spending $ 950? are gas prices going up so fast?


No missclicks on my side. I filed a ticked to the support with the screenshots of the transaction/ duplicate tokens, hope they will help, i suggest you do the same. The gas prices are off the charts. Wanted to mint it since yesterday but the fees were way beyond 200gwei, today i found an opening for 140gwei.

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