Burning Tokens and unwanted NFTs

Hi everyone, I’m new to the platform. Here’s my bio.

I’ve noticed a few folks sending me tokens. While I appreciate the gesture, there are some items I simply don’t want in my collections. “Burning” tokens unfortunately costs ETH/Gas so it seems like a shame to spend your crypto to clean up your collection.

  1. Is there a way to do this for free?
  2. If not, feature request would be to allow owner of a collection to first “accept” a donation first before it’s automatically added.

Hi, Nice request feature. No it’s not free. Check gas fee for transferring Or you could transfer them to a new ethereum account, like a black hole account., once eth gas prices drop in the future. I sold a token for $48US someone gave me for free recently. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Get rid of the ones that look like advertising. Check tokens history for prices first.


How do you burn these kinds of tokens? I have one that I don’t want in my collection. Someone sent it to me for free. Can’t find any reference guidance for how to find its address and get rid of it.

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You could either burn it or add a new metamask account to metamask & transfer it there. It is cheaper to transfer it to another account. You will need to pay some eth fee . Click on the 3 dots to bring drop down menu. Or wait till july when eth fees should be really cheap. MAKE sure you have backed up your Original Metamask Password & Seed. also back up your Private Key Screenshot_7 Screenshot_8

Hello there is already a thread about this problem and for now, there is no protection against receiving unwanted tokens

And as you some people can see the solution in accepting the donated token first…

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…and it’s not gesture it’s the way for them how to promote themselfs :frowning:

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Some people send you a free nft if you buy an nft off them sometimes but it usually a useless garbage nft.

@boredelon you could just send them all to me I would really appreciate It. :+1:


ps Don’t Burn the ones I sent you. :crossed_fingers: :pray:
I sent you a few & just bought one. :v:

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Much Love :heart: OfficialCryptoCube :ice_cube:

I agree this would be a nice feature. @boredelon