CAn I change the cover pic of an NFT?

I wanted the cover page of my nft to a vide file instead of a picture. This gives the real preview of my nft. Is it possible to change it?

I wanted to upload a video as a cover pic, but it said only JPGs, pngs etc. were accepted… So I uploaded the pic. However then realized we can upload the vide as well.

Any tips on how to change the cover pic?

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Once it is minted you can’t change it.

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I had the same question. I (wrongly) assumed the cover was a fall-back for certain uses. Now people won’t know my first drop has motion :sob:


I was searching in the history before opening a topic. Unfortunately I got the expected (but not hoped) answer.

Do you know why it’s like this?

I mean, we’re not talking about changing the contract itself, just the preview of the content on the website.

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en el perfil creo que se puede hacerv