Can I reduce gas fees?

HI there, I am an artist getting into Crypto art creation. I just tried to upload some art here and gas fees are at $33 ? That seems high or is that normal? I plan on selling 5 items at $400 each so the gas fees will add up without guarantee of selling anything. Any advice? Thanks. is not advised to lower gas fee, your transaction will probably fail and you wont be refund your gas fees…$33 is cheap, gas fees have been over $100 lately. gas fees were a couple of dollars a month ago.
download “Ethereum Gas Price Extension” or Google “eth gas station” to keep an eye on eth gas prices. Maybe wait till they drop to “under 30” That is not $30


Thanks for reply is useful to know.

You could try this.
Free gas fees to list. maybe do Test run first ,you could burn the token. Then you could always remint tokens nft’s on rarible at a later date when Eth gas prices drop.


cool thanks for the tips!

thanks for this! I will be doing a test run.

I have already Minted an art piece. i was wondering if i were to burn the token, will i get my money back on the miner fees? Im pretty new to this. i think i spend 150$ in total 18 for approval and 135 ish for the mint.

i strongly believe its way too expensive to me if i were to upload more content. any guidance will be amazing!

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No you will not get your ETH back. It’s gone to the miners.

The approval fee is a one time payment that happens on many applications on Ethereum.

After that you will pay the minting fee and that should be all. :slight_smile:

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SO then the approval fee can be refunded? I think Rarible needs to suspend ALL non-minting or non-gas fees. Until they can have CLEAR way of explaining in layman’s terms how Rarible works and ALL the fees associated with it.

The more I read, the more it is a constant refrain. “I didn’t know/understand that it would be so expensive to start/mint…” Also… Ethereum isn’t the only game in town. Smart Contracts is all you need.

Until Eth gets its fees under control, there isn’t much use in Eth tokens/contracts for sub $10,000 transactions.

Alright. @bencook2 then use another blockchain that creates NFTs no one is making anyone choose Rarible people just are.

There is nothing Rarible can do about the gas fees on the network. It’s completely out of Raribles control. Maybe you should keep reading then because yes, that is the issue. People don’t know and don’t understand and then just blame Rarible when they lose some ETH trying to interact with Ethereum.

I think suspending is a terrible idea because it works fine for plenty of others. This is also a decentralized community, so I’m doubtful that the few people who are having troubles are going to convince everyone else who is selling/buying and otherwise having a good experience to just shut it down for now.

Are “they” choosing Rarible? I don’t think that’s true.

Maybe when the gas fees drop. But i’m not seeing any pieces go up in any notable number.

What I am seeing is my posts being ignored by Rarible proper. That the support link is broken, it appears. And that the same question goes un addressed. Except by yourself. Who at this point has crossed from helpful, to cheerleader.

I also note that my topic was deleted from the system. A topic where I clearly lay out the problems.

Go look at the YouTube comments on any video about Rarible. Go read the Rarible Telegram.

Rarible CHOSE to use ETH. That’s their burden. Not the people who TRY to sign up only to find that it is prohibitively expensive to even use the platform. And the way they find out is by wasting $20-$100 is gas fees that can never be recovered.

No… Rarible has a responsibility to do more. And to respond CLEARLY to these concerns. And you have a responsibility to ask them to do more. Not blame people who have wasted their time resources try to participate on the platform.

Again… is the goal broad acceptance? Or niche use for crypto-nerds? Because saying… “hey… that’s just Ethereum! What can we do?” … that’s a niche answer. Not an answer that suggest the ultimate goal is broad acceptance and usability.

I’ll be contacting the three wallets Rarible is using and reporting this. Let’s see if the wallet admins and investors think like you do…

I don’t even know what to say to you man @bencook2, at this point you are just complaining . You’re just ignoring what I’m saying. I’m a random person from the community that is just trying to help. You are just name calling to make yourself feel better. This is a governance forum.

Honestly, I could care less who you contact. And to be completely fair I don’t care if they think the same as me or not. I’m not here to have the same opinion as everyone else. What I know, is that Rarible can do nothing about having there smart contracts on Ethereum. Sure, they could upgrade and move all the infrastructure they have worked on up till now to a new chain. Yeah no worries bro, that will be super simple and easy to do. Get real. Go ahead and ‘contact’ the wallets.

You are literally complaining about a problem that affect ALL apps on Ethereum that are using layer one. Ethereum is in development. So how can Rarible own up to users losing money that do not do there own research before spending it?

A niche for crypto nerds is not likely, a place where intelligence is a prereq…clearly.

Except that there is a trail of people losing REAL money/crypto. Except THAT… you have a point.

And that trail is well defined across the entire industry. I’ve had plenty of failed transactions on other platforms.

Again… “niche” or “broad acceptance and usability”.

A bad experience elsewhere doesn’t bootstrap a bad experience here.

A bad experience is a not a “feature” it is a “bug”. Losing/wasting money is a bug. Not a feature.

Look. Rarible is trying to be a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. I agree with you there are obviously support issues. But there is nothing that can be done about high fees. It’s across the whole system.

Infrastructure like wallets and everything else is what is the issue here.

I have not had a single transaction fail on Rarible using Metamask…

Before gas fees shot through the roof because 1000’s of people are completely new to Ethereum are pouring in. So wallets like Fortmatic and others cannot and have not held well with the new demand and the increase in cost.

Like 3 months ago, fees were $5-10 now they are 100’s if not 1000’s and this is being worked on by Ethereum devs and in fact the whole ecosystem is trying to do there part. You’re not singled out and neither are the people on this thread.

IN hindsight you have lost a small amount of ETH that you should of just held onto and tried a testnet before attempting the mainnet.

Also I should add that essentially everyone of these problems has been wallet related and nothing to do with Rarible smart contract. It works fine and it’s efficient.

Use this tool to guesstimate costs

Also you should note, that the money isn’t wasted and that goes to show how much you actually understand about the Ethereum network. Every transaction is paid for in ETH it just so happens that IRL everyone pays for ETH with money. So that’s where the cost actually comes from. The ‘people’ you are paying. Are computers. To process the transactions on the network the same as any crypto. The difference being that triple the amount of transactions happen on Ethereum than any other network.

What can be done is pin a topic.

And put a clear link to how-to videos “line of sight” for the customer to see.

That’s 101 stuff. The fact that Rarible is “cashing the check” without it… is a problem. A serious problem. Perhaps… a legal problem. Enough people lose money “abandoning the cart” without a purchase/minting and Rarible could be liable for that. That’s real. That 's not two people arguing on the internet.

There are some massive holes that need to be patched here. Massive.

We are talking like this thing is in Beta. It’s not. It’s rolled out. 100%.

Finally and I’ll let it alone. DAOs are still being figured out. It’s 50% psychology / game theory and 50% Pereto’s Law. I get it.

But that doesn’t release Rarible of their responsibility. When money is involved… someone is in charge. That someone has some 'splaining to do.

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I’m pretty sure not 100% but I believe the funds are held in a treasury via Gnosis safe.

Either way, I’m not gaining shit from any of this. I’m just tired of seeing ill-informed people barrade a platform because fees are high and omg i’ve lost money on a public blockchain because I’m not sure what I’m doing.

I’m also literally apart of like 3 or more DAO’s and there are 100’s of them. So it’s laughable that you think it’s still being figured out. It’s a concept of organization. Nothing game theory and Pareto’s ‘law’ about it. It’s economics and democracy.

It’s not Pareto’s law. It’s a principle and in itself is a psychological phenomenon. Because it only appears to be a law when in reality it is not. There is no law of distribution that is 80/20.

Last night I paid 15 dollars for gas fee in order to mint my token and waited for 5 hours!!! But the approval process kept turning and turning but it did not mint anything and now my money is all gone and I believe yes, that’s something rarible should do something about it.