Can you review my webpage explaining NFTs?

Looking for a little help. I put together this web page on my site to help explain NFTs to people that are unfamiliar. I’d love to get some feedback. I went ahead and listed multiple marketplaces, even though I’m not on any other ones. I prefer the route of giving options, even if I actually want them to go where my stuff is located. Educating the market is important at this stage. Thanks in advance.


Hi @disputed,

I couldn’t read : font+size are too small


Mobile or desktop? or both?

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I’m on a desktop PC
it’s really small so hard to read

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Tldr just joking!

You may want to define fungible and.non-fungible tokens close to the beginning and make references throughout your article ss needed. This will simplify and speed things up for you.

The way the information is presented atm it looks like you were writing it out during your research.


Maybe you’re on to something? HAHAHAHA


Very happy to help! The website font is cool btw.

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So, my 2 cents.

“That’s where The Disputed Territory is taking these tokens, these contracts. We are treating our tokens as trading cards with discounts and free giveaways attached to the code, which will entitle the owner to access these benefits. When you validate your token, you gain access to the benefit of that token. Further, in many cases, the token unlocks a physical version of the card to be delivered to the owner of the token.”

You’ll have a problem if the buyer doesn’t play the game when he resells the NFT.

“If that token is then sold, the new owner is entitled to the benefits.”

So, you’ll send a new card? It may cost you a lot.
“### Etherium and Ether (ETH)”

It’s “Ethereum”, not “Etherium”.

“Ether is the currency or Fungible token traded.”

“of”? This sentence is not clear.

" It’s a commodity like anything else.ERC-721 tokens each have a distinct value."

What’s about ERC-1155?

“and your funds aren’t gone forever if you lose your phone or forget your password.”

Hum… They will be gone if you lose your password. There’s no way to retrieve a password from a wallet if you lose it.


I applaud what you’re trying to do, but as an old website developer I feel your text reads like an early draft. If this page came across my desk, it would be sent back to be rewritten.

For example:
“If that token is then sold, the new owner is entitled to the benefits. We are just scratching the surface of the range of these tokens. Sure there are a lot of worthless offers out there, and a sea of stuff to weed through. The future of these tokens, however, is far beyond the noise. The ability to purchase original works with benefits and proof of purchase and ownership forever… it’s a pretty cool path forward.”

The first sentence is fine, and the rest of the paragraph should be about the benefits. The third paragraph should be a new paragraph since it, and the following sentences, are about the risks, benefits, and future of tokens, and not the benefits of your tokens.

One other thing. You’re using a Wix website template, and they are notorious for their problems with Google. Google Analytics should be built into your account so I’d keep a close eye on your traffic.

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Hey @Disputed :slight_smile:

I’m going to make design suggestions here, if I may, aside from the suggestions already given

1: On opening your page I see a ‘block of written-text’ with no images and it immediately puts me off wanting to read;
2: The font used suggests gothic horror in combination with the purple background;
3: You are encouraging your readers to exit your site, twice, on your first line;
4: At the top you have ‘NFT’s Explained’ but in your text-body you have ‘NFTs’;
5: The whole thing looks dated and reminds me of pages in the late 90s;
6: The ALT-text on your icon says the page is “A tale of The Disputed Territory” but the page clearly isn’t;
7: You have 13 other links away from your site giving 15 in total;
8: It’s your site so you can do what you want with it but your promise is not delivered - the premise being “what are NFTs? Let me explain” and you quickly go on to selling your wares;
9: On reading it, there are so many errors that this really needs to be edited by someone that knows what they are doing; genuinely, I really tried to read it all but I couldn’t - I kept being tripped up by meandering written-text;

So, how to fix?

1: Humans are a visual being which helped us survive in our early existence by defining between what is and what isn’t dangerous. You need to break up your written-text with images to support what you are saying

It is 100% guaranteed that any visitor to a site full of text, such as this, will bounce rapidly (i.e. leave immediately) and so your attempts to help won’t be picked up and it is also 100% guaranteed that any visitor to your site will scan images before reading your written-text (text can be used when referencing visuals as well, so we can have visual-text and written-text (i.e. the image also, is text))

2: Use a generic web-friendly Google font and change the background to a non-attracting ‘colour’; i.e. make your written text black and your background white or vice-versa and change your font (this isn’t a problem if your intention is to speak to a specific group that appreciates your design rather than the general body that it appears you are aiming to speak to)

3: You absolutely should not be encouraging your visitor to exit your page; if you want to add links then send them to somewhere else on your site; also, you are attempting to fulfil a promise of answering the reader’s problems and it comes across as lazy if you are not responding yourself to the questions you raise but are, instead, saying “here’s someone else that can explain it better than me so please leave my site and read about it somewhere else”;

good luck with that reader ever coming back to your site …

4: NFTs are plural, not singular and should always be written as NFTs and never the singular ownership of NFT’s; this also applies to things such as 'the 80s etc;

also, writing both as different is not cohesive - it shows it hasn’t been edited for simple mistakes such as this

5: You need to do a simple research question of “what are the best looking websites for 2021” and see how many of them resemble your site; how many of them look like yours? None; how many of them seem to borrow design principles from other sites? All of them; how many of them are visual text heavy and written-text light? Again, all of them

do your design research if you want to sell your wares within the backdrop of attempting to solve a problem

6: This speaks for itself and is contradictory to your written-text

7: This is just so bad and I repeat, if you have to have links away from your page then send the reader to another page in your own site, not somebody else’s; but again, I have to raise that this approach you’ve taken is just lazy and comes across as such

8: It’s absolutely OK to advertise your wares on your own page but doing it in the second paragraph immediately says to the reader “this person is just trying to sell me stuff, bye then”;

do it somewhere else - even in another part of your site but def not so close to the beginning of your offered solution to the reader’s problem

9: Again, speaks for itself. Read it, re-read it; and read it again. Be light with your words and use images to break them up

I hope this helps and gives you something to think about; it is purely in response to your asking for feedback. Normally my time for things like this (and editing/design) attracts a premium but you’re a member of the Rarible fam so I give this to you free in the hope you can improve your chances of selling your wares

And, finally, it is your site so you can do what you want with it, you clearly like the design yourself and that’s fine so long as you only want yourself to be reading it :slight_smile:

Oh, PS, if you want an example of something similar to what it is you are wanting to do then have a look at this recent interview I gave about art NFTs and see how it differs from your approach:


Thank you. I asked for input/feedback, and I appreciate this very much.

I’m a one-man show on this project. I’m also working multiple ventures, so real-world brutality is the best method at this point. That or never publish it.

As for Wix… it’s the easy button at this stage on this project. Thanks for this feedback.

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Getting what I asked for…

In terms of design, yeah, I think it’s pretty clear how much time I have invested in the website itself. I’d call the whole thing a beta version, set up to sell books, generally sending folks from other places directly to the shop page. That said, at some point I have to do something more with it. I have an entire career in graphic design, so it isn’t exactly a great example should anyone run upon it.

The branding is fully developed, and I just need to find the time.

It’s interesting that your example is a wall of words broken by unrelated random images from the artist. I found myself not really wanting to read it, but rather look at the images. Not that it’s a bad site or page. I’m sure it’s well written. I’ll give it a full read today.

I posted this completely raw and unedited. It’s a true first draft. Since I don’t know any SMEs, this community felt like the best place to get information. Most websites that describe NFTs are complete shit. (Which means perhaps I shouldn’t add to the shit pile…) Either way, I haven’t advertised the page anywhere but here in hopes of constructive feedback. This community feels more than a bit snarky, but I appreciate the brutal honesty. Most of it is helpful. I appreciate you taking the time.

It’s sorta sad that you think this as we all here strive to be civil and helpful; snarkiness has, in general, been kept to a minimum

This, however, is coming across as snarky. I didn’t write the interview or design the page and the example was for how to present what is an NFT and fyi - I am the artist that gave the interview …

I think if you’re going to ask for opinions then you have to accept what people will say otherwise it’s just an excuse to promote yourself :man_shrugging:

I said plenty of times that it is your page and you can do what you want with it; you certainly don’t need to take my advice and it’s a pity you’re taking it personally rather than seeing it as a genuine attempt by someone to offer the help you sought

And that’s the thing about Beta versions - they’re for doing the testing before it gets a full roll-out so, good luck with everything :slight_smile:

Kinda proves my first point really :man_shrugging:

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My question is : do you want an honest review or a validation?

I noticed as long as peoples don’t answer as you wish, they’re “snarky” and the “real-world brutality” so as “getting what you asked for” seems pretty confusing.

(Adding the little attitude you gave me toward the search function which drove me to close the topic as it wasn’t constructive at all and the answer already existed on the forum).

We all spent time to review your page but you give justification or passive-agressive answers to every critic you receive, ending generally by a sugar-coated sentence to sweeten your answer.

Peoples are not trying to attack you, but to help you improve your website. It’s a matter of work, not aimed personally at you.

You focused. on negatives. I said multiple times that I appreciated the feedback. I am really grateful. Really.

Had we spoken in person, the context would’ve reflected better. I’m grateful for the feedback. It is EXACTLY what I asked for… Thanks for taking your time to help. It’s given me a perspective I needed to hear.

It’s cool, it is what it is

'tis… have a nice day.