Cannot "create item" / SOLVED

Edit: The problem is solved. For anyone who wonder like me why it is not possible to go past the “create item” step and why the pop-up doesn’t show, it is because of Google Chrome but it works just fine with Firefox.
Metamask also has an extension for Firefox so you can easily import your wallet there ^^
Don’t be lazy like I was today and spare yourself hours of research, trial and errors. Use Firefox directly.

Hello everyone!
I am very new to this platform. After days of reading about NFT’s, I have decided to try and see by myself.
My only problem is that i am not able to upload any work.

A little TL;DR in case the following text bloc contains too much blabla:
I am stuc at the “create item” step, I can’t go further.

Now, a more elaborate explanation:

I have been researching a lot on the forum and couldn’t find a solution to my problem.

I am using Chrome and the Metamask extension as wallet. I have uploaded a hundred of euros worth of ETH as recomanded by some Youtubers creating guides for newbies into the NFT world ^^

My Metamask wallet is connected to Rarible, else this is simply impossible to create a profile. So I think everything is in order on this side …

Although, I remain stuck when clicking on the “create item” button. I saw a few tutorials on Youtube, showing the process to create a NFT and normally, a pop-up window would show up and guide me through the few next steps to complete the creation and mining of the item.

I have been researching allready on the forum and reddit for solutions and followed the steps that some users suggested to follow or redo to eliminate possible issues:

Clear Chrome cache, make sure you are verified on Rarible (mail verification I suppose?), make sure you have enough ETH on your wallet to cover the fees, make sure your wallet is connected to Rarible.

One other possible solution braught by one user was to use Firefox instead of Chrome. This I haven’t tried. I also don’t know much about Metamask and if such extension is available there. I also don’t know if I have to recreate anything to transfer the content of my current wallet into the one I could use with Firefox. I am a complete noob and after all the reasearch I have made allready to try to understand what’s wrong here, I am a bit tired and lazy to figure out something with Firefox ^^"
Chrome being the biggest internet browser, I hardly see why using it would be an issue anyway …

I hope this is a commun issue that finds a simple resolution and I hope my problem has been well explained.
Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help me out. with this issue ^^