Can't connect to MEW Wallet?

Hey, I can’t log into my rarible profile, I connected my MyEtherWallet but now the option to connect to MEW seems to be gone?
I can still connect via the built in browser of the MEW Wallet App on my phone.
Hope somebody can help me. Thanks!

Im having the same issue. Did you manage to get it resolved?

Unortunately no.
I wrote an email to the support address but didn’t receive an answer yet.

It would be nice to get at least some information about this issue. I guess there is a technical problem and there must be more people who can’t sign in.
I just spend some money for my first NFT and now I can’t use my profile. This doesn’t feel much trustworthy right now tbh.

Same issue, what a bummer, just uploaded my first NFT’s

Same issue, cannot access my collectables or account.

same issue here… Will it be repaired?

The site does genuinely seem quite glitchy, I’ve only been using it a week, had issues minting my NFTs, but that’s all good now. I just can’t sign in!!! Ive noticed the MEW wallet disappear a few times before in the past week but i reloaded the page and it was there. But this is different. I would like to think there has been an issue and someone is working very hard to get it resolved… i hope!

Same issue
Please Fix

So I still haven’t received any reply yet.
But someone posted in the Rarible Discord #announcements channel, that it is temporarily disabled due to a bug in the MEW application. It will be re-enabled once the bug is resolved by the MEW team.

Hope that doesn’t take too long…

Edit: I got an email from the support with the same message.

Yeah i just received the same email.

Now that Rarible stays pretty quite about that issue, I also send an email to the support of MyEtherWallter. I hope they can give me more information and let me know when we can plan to use rarible again.

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That was me! Yeah I feel relieved I got an answer. They should have sent a mass email and not just left people hanging.

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Unfortunately I have the same problem.

MEW has been temporarily disabled due to a bug in their application, it will be re-enabled once the bug is resolved by the MEW team.

MEW is working again :raised_hands: