Can't find my NFT or Account in search

did it cost you ETH too?

Yep, no problem to pay ! I can find it only with the link but nothing else, even if I write my name account in search.


hardcore shadow ban :broken_heart:

I have the same problem. No Solution. I paid 2 times and could only find an error.
The support didn’t answer. That’s a scam?

Having the same EXACT issue. I was thinking maybe the new tokens would not be indexed yet, but that shouldn’t take this long to update. I created a new account, minted a token and there’s nothing. Also, the site seems a little slow when you scroll, it struggles to serve up new pieces of art.

I wouldn’t say this is a scam, but clearly, they’re having some issues and apparently do not have enough staff to address the concerns. :confused: I hope it gets fixed soon.

For the record, direct links to my collection and minted work are fine, they just does not appear when you search, even with specific unique key words.

Same problem here, my username wont show in results nor do any of my NFT’s

No one @ Rarible is answering these problems!

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I’m having the same problem. Anyone have any idea?

No answer since a whole day. They are scammers. They also shutdown their discord channel.

It is very hard to find your art if there is not a lot of content you have posted.

You will have to look around for a bit.

We did the same thing too until we posted regularly and minted often.

Hope that helps.

Still no support. Hwat’s happen here? A big scam?

Yeah same with my NFTs, does anyone see them ?

Same here. I just signed on to the system and created and NFT. Went to confirm it’s existence by just trying to search and could not find it. Did anyone find out how to fix this?

So yeah, looks like I can find it immediately on Opensea but not here. That’s kind F’d up Rarible. Someone over there should fix this as soon as possible. I don’t know anything about coding but it seems to me that a search mechanism should be one of the less problematic things to sort out first.

same, though it’s still not quite “easy” to find over there either. i’m definitely thinking i’ll post to opensea in the future since 1) artist doesn’t pay gas fee for uploading & 2) their size limit is 70mb higher. for a small poor man like myself, it doesn’t make sense to pay for rarible if i don’t get the added benefit of being featured in their marketplace

I thought I wasnt verified and thats why i cant search it.

If I am gonna post my nft’s here for sale and pay all those gas fees. I am hoping its in the marker :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the comforting message.

This crossed my mind as well, but again it has been a while since posted.

I hope it is a known issue and it is resolved soon

Anyone know if we can add the unlockable file after it is minted?

I wish I could say I wasn’t having the same problem as everyone else. Kind of ridiculous.

Rarible reached out to me and said: “Only verified accounts appear in search results”
I applied for verification a week ago, and still no word. Sounds like Rarible only “verifies” who it wants. Hmmmmm

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