Can't find the NFT I minted

Hello all of you
I created a NFT but I cannot find anything under my ETH address no activity nothing. But I recall clearly paying 100USD to mint it and seeing it not selling for weeks.
What could be the reason behind this “disappearance” ?
Thx to you

Hi @eazye, welcome :slight_smile:

If you ask questions like this, can you please give us more information so that we might be able to help you

i.e. what is your Rarible profile?; what is your wallet address?; what info can you give us about the piece so that we may find it? etc

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did i need an email to subscribe to rarible ? if it is only the ethereum adress im not too sure as i created this for a firend and did not want to use my personal address :s

You should continue with the same wallet you signed in with at first. And if you write your profile address here, we will have a chance to check it.

No, we don’t need your email address and as @roy42 mentioned - what’s the wallet address that the piece was minted with?

And if you minted it here then there must be a profile that exists so, what’s that?

yes but that is the problem when I connect with the address I thought I mint there is no profile no history nothing. I just have the date of creation which is 11 april 2011. For the rest i used to connect from my previous laptop automatically but laptop crashed so now i can’t be sure of the address nor the name nor anything…
There should be Tim in the username, like Timotheecomte. If nothing can be found I can forget it for ever I think…

Is this your address?