Cant mint my work in my Collection, not showing the option. some help?

Hello guys!

for two days I have not had the option to select my collection, it does not appear.
Some help?

are you trying to do it from outside your collection’s page? (i.e. are you trying to mint when inside your regular profile page?)

are you trying to do it using a mobile phone?

have you tried a different browser? or incognito mode?

there are so many possible reasons why it’s not working for you but you limit our ability to help you by not posting a link to your issue (your collection page and your profile page) and you also limit yourself by saying

when - “some help please” would have been the most basic way to address your own issue :man_shrugging:

I try as always I did, Already 20* elements in my collection upload in the same way, but now can add new nes to the collection,
My collection is

Yes , I try inside and out my collection andthe same problem.