Can't submit art

Hey, I’m pretty new to this website and can’t mint my token when submitting art. I try to do it though Fortmatic, but when i click to pay gas fees it gives me an error “sorry, something went wrong” in 0.1 second. I have enough balance on wallet and already tried multiple browsers, what can I do?


We had the same issue & seems you are not alone! It has been discussed in a few other threads over the past couple of days. Contacted rarible support & they advised not to use Fortmatic (even though it is available as a connection via their site)! They proposed switching to MetaMask, which we did. It meant exporting our key, installing the MetaMask extension to our browser, then importing the key to the new MetaMask account. Wasn’t too painful, but did take a little time.

In the meantime we had lost $24 through Fortmatic & nobody will accept responsibility for refunding it!

The link sent to us by rarible giving the instructions for the switch is:

Good luck :smiley:

Is the same with me. :confused:

I used metamask. It initially said it was 8.00 gas fee. So i clicked ok to mint. then it faied bcause I dodnt have 51$ for the ‘real’ gas fee… meanwhile draining the 10$ I had in my wallet. what’s up?

The smaller fee is the fee for approving the mint while the $51 is the gas fee. Have a look here for the best times to do the work you want to do for less money (you can also get email notifications when the price is below a threshold that you state):


Thank you for the reply. So I guess I have already minted it, but need to add ETH to pay the full gas cost. At this point will I need to mint it again? (Sorry if that’s dumb… I’m still learning)

All good - we are all learning all of the time :slight_smile:
I’m still a learner so I can only answer to my knowledge and there are more knowledgeable people than I on this forum so they could probably answer fully, but, I haven’t seen the process you’ve gone through so I can’t reply fully either.
However, it only gets minted once and that’s after you’ve paid both fees for 1: approving the mint (the small amount); 2: the gas fee for the actual mint (the larger amount),
So, from your questions, it seems that you haven’t actually minted anything yet.
Did you check out that link I gave you?
And there are no dumb questions, only dumb answers :slight_smile:

Links to my Rarible and my Instagram and my Website

I always post my art to Insta first and then when I get the time for admin, I’ll add it to my website

So it looks like the ~8.00 for the first step is now gone forever. It would be nice if you could get a good idea of the “total” cost before submitting the first step.

I did check out your link, thank you. I also just tried to submit again just because I was curious (and I don’t have the ETH in my account)… came back at 120$ gas this time. yikes.

That’s what the link I sent you is for!!

Links to my Rarible and my Instagram and my Website

I always post my art to Insta first and then when I get the time for admin, I’ll add it to my website

Lol… sorry. I should have scrolled down a bit on the page. Ok, I get it now. Thanks.

And here you thought there were no stupid questions…

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